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Puzzle – Dying in a Desert

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The explorer, “fight archaeologist” and looter of tombs, Dr. Flynn, was trekking throughout the desert in quest of King Solomon’s Mines. Sadly for him, the water container behind his Land Rover had began leaking. Within the first hour, it misplaced half the variety of liters it held plus one liter. Within the second hour, it misplaced half of the rest plus one liter. Within the third hour, it misplaced half of the rest once more, plus one liter extra. Within the fourth hour, it misplaced half the rest plus one liter extra. Now it was utterly empty. What number of liters did the container maintain to begin with?

Dying in a desert

Resolution: Thirty liters. The best way to resolve it’s to work backward — to get zero after the fourth hour it should have misplaced one plus yet one more. So within the third hour, it should have misplaced half of six, plus yet one more to depart two, and so forth.

Illustration for leakage at every hour:

  • At 4th hour -> 1 + 1 = 2 lts
  • At third hour -> 3 + 1 = 4 lts
  • At 2nd hour -> 7 + 1 = 8 lts
  • At 1st hour -> 15 + 1 = 16 lts
  • Complete -> 30 lts.



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