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Largest Quantity Groupings in String in Python

The problem

You might be be given a string that has lowercase letters and numbers. Your activity is to check the quantity groupings and return the biggest quantity. Numbers is not going to have main zeros.

For instance, resolve("gh12cdy695m1") = 695, as a result of that is the biggest of all quantity groupings.

The answer in Python code

Choice 1:

import re
def resolve(s):
    return max(map(int,re.findall(r"(d+)", s)))

Choice 2:

def resolve(s):
    return max(map(int,"".be a part of(" " if x.isalpha() else x for x in s).break up()))

Choice 3:

def resolve(s):
    i, maxn, L = 0, 0, len(s)
    numStart = False
    whereas i < L:
        if s[i].isdigit():
            j = i+1
            whereas j<L and s[j].isdigit():
                j += 1
            if int(s[i:j]) > maxn:
                maxn = int(s[i:j])
            i = j+1
            i += 1
    return maxn

Take a look at instances to validate our resolution

take a look"Primary exams")
take a look at.assert_equals(resolve('gh12cdy695m1'),695)
take a look at.assert_equals(resolve('2ti9iei7qhr5'),9)
take a look at.assert_equals(resolve('vih61w8oohj5'),61)
take a look at.assert_equals(resolve('f7g42g16hcu5'),42)
take a look at.assert_equals(resolve('lu1j8qbbb85'),85)



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